Deleting content has several benefits for SEO. Google's Panda is on the lookout for low-quality content, so it helps to remove it. In addition, publishing on too many topics can undercut one's authority. In our case, we were working on a fashion website. Its older product listings had performed worse over time and its newer content was losing ranking and traffic. The problem is Google wasn't transferring authority from older to newer content. We found that deleting content from poorly performing silos helped. Generally, it would be better to improve than remove content, but that's not always practical. Also note that, in this test, we added new content while removing older content.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a lot of skepticism over the value of deleting content.
  • Low quality and relevance are the two main reasons why content would be deleted.
  • One way to build topical authority is to add backlinks from other websites.

“Many times, great efforts were made to produce this content, and deleting it is a blow to the emotions. Beyond the emotional hit is the financial one – content costs money, and good content costs real money. Throwing it away seems like such a waste.”

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