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The year 2023 has been hailed as the pivotal year for artificial intelligence, with rapid advancements that have both amazed and alarmed many. Despite the concerns, a recent study has shown a significant embrace of AI technology. Popular AI tools like ChatGPT, with over 14 billion visits from September 2022 to August 2023, has emerged as the world's most frequented generative AI tool, as reported by Writerbuddy.ai, a content creation service. Writerbuddy's analysis spanned more than 3,000 AI tools using SEMrush, a renowned SEO platform, to identify the most popular tools of the year. The leading 50 AI tools collectively amassed over 24 billion visits, predominantly from male users.

10 Popular AI Tools in terms of popularity:

  1. ChatGPT
    Tool category: AI Chatbot
    Total visits: 14.6B
  2. Character.ai
    Tool category: AI Chatbot
    Total visits: 3.8B
  3. Quillbot
    Tool category: AI Writing
    Total visits: 1.1B
  4. Midjourney
    Tool category: Image Generator
    Total visits: 500.4M
  5. Hugging Face
    Tool category: Data Science
    Total visits: 316.6M
  6. Bard
    Tool category: AI Chatbot
    Total visits: 241.6M
  7. NovelAI
    Tool category: AI Writing
    Total visits: 238.7M
  8. Capcut
    Tool Category: Video Generator
    Total visits: 203.8M
  9. Janitor AI
    Tool category: AI Chatbot
    Total visits: 192.4M
  10. Civitai
    Tool category: Image Generator
    Total visits: 177.2M

Despite receiving some negative attention, such as Sam Altman's leadership changes and concerns over potentially dangerous AI advancements, ChatGPT continues to be widely utilized. This industry-leading bot can perform a variety of tasks, from organizing weekly schedules to crafting detailed resumes. Other generative tools on the list, like Google’s Bard and Quillbot, offer text summarization and paraphrasing capabilities, but have not yet reached the same level of popularity as OpenAI's chatbot. Character.ai and Novel.ai are also gaining traction as virtual companions for many users.

Susan Gonzales, the founder and CEO of AIandYou, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching AI skills to individuals from underrepresented communities, suggests that those using AI merely for entertainment might be missing out on lucrative opportunities. She advises that freelancers and small business owners can leverage AI to enhance business operations, manage inventory, analyze customer behavior, and gain competitive intelligence. According to Gonzales, small businesses can also use AI to more effectively target their marketing and advertising efforts, as well as identify new revenue streams.

For those interested in side jobs, such as tutoring, AI can be a valuable aid. Gonzales encourages exploring the numerous online learning resources available to understand how AI functions, which could enable individuals to become AI tutors or offer AI training to others. She emphasizes that today, a wealth of information is readily accessible to anyone interested.

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