Building steady engagement across social media channels is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Instead of thinking of social channels as a campaign, see them as a constant conversation. Responding to a customer's Tweet or Facebook message can create the perception of your brand as their friend. Be sure to respond to messages in a timely manner, but don't beg for “likes.” Also, don't sound like you're just shilling products. Perhaps most important, avoid getting caught in the “shame game.” The various social platforms require different behaviors for managing a crisis. For example, don't respond to trolls on Facebook and don't leave angry replies to negative reviews on Yelp.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use social media to create a brand and interact with your audience.
  • Be sure to find out what the red signs are to look out for.
  • Figure out what to do if certain types of situations or crises happen.

“Without the same give-and-take you’d engage in face-to-face it’s nearly impossible to create and maintain lasting rapport.”

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