Here are 5 tricks membership site owners use to quickly get members for their new membership sites:

1: Offer Charter Pricing

You might offer the first 100 or so members who join your membership a special low price for life. Even when you raise the price in the future, charter members will always pay the same low rate.

This generates sales quickly and allows you to say that you already have 100+ members and growing. Social proof is a great influencer, because when people see how popular your site is, they’ll want to join.

Plus, the charter members are made to feel special when they carry the title, “charter member.” This makes them more loyal and less likely to cancel their membership.

2: Create a Low or No Cost Trial Price

You might offer a 7-day trial for $1, for example, or even a free 30 days to try out the membership. In either case new members sign up with their credit card. If they cancel before the trial period is over, they’re not charged the regular price when it comes due.

This should bring a flood of customers. And when they’re happy with what they see inside the membership, they’ll stay. It’s a great way to overcome objections and make people feel safe when joining.

3: Splinter and Tripwire

Take one month of content and sell it for a low price.

Then offer the full membership on the backend of the offer. This gives prospects a taste of what you offer without making the monthly commitment up front.

4: Time-Sensitive Offers

Offer special bonuses or discounts if they join within the next “X” number of days. These bonuses could be extra content, support and mentoring groups, group coaching or whatever works.

5: Make it Hurt not to Join

Let’s say you put out a monthly newsletter as your membership. Each newsletter is hopefully chock full of killer info that any subscriber would count themselves lucky to have.

A few days prior to releasing the next issue, let non-subscribers know what’s in the upcoming issue and what they’re about to miss if they don’t join in time to receive that issue.

If you maintain a list of prospects not yet in your membership, this is super simple to do. You can also create a blog post and use social media to drive people to the post, letting them know what they’re about to miss.

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