This is a method used by established marketers to quickly break into a new niche and start earning serious money quickly.

You might wonder why a marketer – if they already earn great money in their current niche – would even want to bother with a new niche.

It could be they want to generate more income. Or it could be, as is often the case, that their current niche is drying up. Maybe Google changed the rules, or for whatever reason it’s just not working anymore.

Taking the regular route to enter a niche, they would first have to become an expert, use what they know to get real results, and then create a product.

That product would then be discussed on forums and Facebook, and if it doesn’t hold up well, word will quickly get out that this well-known marketer has fallen on his or her face.

But by using the method I’m about to share with you, these marketers can quickly enter a new niche before they’re experts, before they’ve gotten real results and even before they know exactly what they’re doing.

The first thing these established marketers do is announce to their readers that they are testing a new method, and they’ll share the results when they’re ready.

In the meantime, they’re researching a niche that is related or somewhat similar to the niche they’re leaving.

For example, if their old niche was getting traffic from a social media avenue that is dying (think MySpace, GooglePlus, etc.) then their new niche could simply be getting traffic from a different social media site.

The main thing is to have something they can sell quickly, without a lot of leg work and nothing much to set up.

And what can you sell fast? Coaching. It could be an inner circle coaching group, or even one-on-one coaching.

They are working towards becoming experts in the new niche, but it’s a work in progress. If they were to immediately launch a course, then that product would be under scrutiny, exposing any weaknesses or lack of knowledge.

Instead, as soon as they’ve picked their new niche, they will outsource the creation of a book on the topic. This book is going to be a general overview with a catchy title, and it will include plenty of references to the marketer’s previous successes, too.

Next, they’ll take the obvious first step to begin demonstrating results. This is going to be a simple step, such as getting 1,000 new subscribers from their new social media venue.

Then they’ll use this success to introduce the new niche to their list. For example, if they spent $1,500 to generate 1,000 subscribers, they’ll focus on the result and not the expense. “How I added 1,000 subscribers to my brand-new niche in just 3 days!”

(Yes, I know that’s NOT telling the whole story. I’m reporting what they do and how they do it. What you do with this information is up to you.)

These results are announced via social media, blogpost and email, along with the launch of their new book. The book provides instant expert status and provides the perfect entry to upselling customers to coaching.

If you try this, you might charge less for coaching for the first group of people and then use their proven results to continue selling coaching at a higher price.

As you coach your new clients, you will be both teaching and learning. And since you’re discovering what works not only for you, but also for these first coaching students, you will become a real expert rather quickly.

If your old niche is dying, then you’ll of course what to phase out those products and stop selling them altogether.

Your customers will quickly become accustomed to your new niche and profits will soon be up again.

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