Several changes have been made to Google Search Console. First, the “validate fix” button has returned. Google had temporarily disabled this feature during the upgrade of its classification system, but now it is back. A second change relates to more simplified classifications for coverage reports. Where there used to be many status categories, there will now be just two broad ones, valid and invalid. The third change is a new “start tour” button within the full report of the coverage overview section. These changes do not alter how Google crawls, indexes or ranks. They are merely intended to make it easier to understand errors.

Key Takeaways:

  • The “validate fix” button is back after being disabled during the upgrade.
  • Google changed its groupings at the top level so everything is either valid or invalid.
  • Clicking the “Start Tour” button will now take you on a tour of the changes.

“Google has reenabled the validate fix feature in Google Search Console while launching the new “more simplified” classifications for the coverage reports.”

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