For people in need of a website, having a knowledge of page creating and editing is not a prerequisite, as there are many online tools and hosting sites that can help you embark on this journey. One of the most crushing things that can happen to you, as an administrator and an owner of your site, is to be have someone hack and compromise the page. Fortunately, although there are things that you would need to do in order to rectify the situation and save your information, the solution is possible and online community is a great resource for directions and advices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some indicators of compromise that show you were hacked include your host disabling your website and your website being blacklisted by Google.
  • Make sure to stay calm whenever you are addressing a security issue as not everything is lost.
  • Make sure to scan your website and you can use some plugins to do so such as Sucuri and can use a Crawler like VirusTotal too

“A hack is a very ambiguous term, which in it of itself will provide little insights into what exactly happened. To ensure you get the help you need via the forums, be sure to understand the specific symptoms that lead you to believe you’ve been hacked.”

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