We asked leaders of seven affiliate networks from around the world about expected trends in 2022. Three of the seven mentioned the growing significance of influencers (micro-influencers in particular). The CEO at Daisycon sees revenue share with the consumer as a trend for 2022, while the founder of MyLead mentioned the development of privacy issues. Zane McIntyre of Commission Factory identified the importance of trust as key. Anna of Mobytize foresees huge growth in 2022 as does the leader at Salestring.com (especially with regards to online shopping). All of the leaders denied that the industry is saturated.

Key Takeaways:

  • We asked seven leaders of affiliate networks what trends they foresee for 2022.
  • Two of the leaders predict that influencers will continue to grow in importance.
  • The CEO of MyLead says e-commerce will continue to grow thanks to the pandemic.

“An important takeaway lesson for all affiliate marketers is the emerging importance of trust and personality.”

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